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Save Your Company Money, Save Your Employees

Aevitas Corporate Wellness has a primary goal of helping your company drastically reduce costs due to injured and unfit employees.  As experts in the field of injury, injury prevention, movement and ergonomics we have proven methods to prevent your employees from getting injured both on and off the job.  

Preventing just one employee injury can save your company thousands of dollars.  When the average cost of an injured employee to a company is $38000; and the average company has at least 2-5 of these injuries a year, you have nothing to lose.

Not only can we help reduce costs, our services will also improve employee productivity.  We would love to speak with you about how we can save you significant amounts of money and improve employee productivity at the same time.  

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See What Our Clients Think

Aaron Hackett helped my wife and I to better understand why our new son had a flat spot on his head. It turns out our son was born with tense neck muscles, which caused him to keep his head turned in one direction. Now our son has a great head shape and is so handsome, thanks to Aaron’s recommendation. I trust his opinions and advice, and would recommend him to anyone with any therapy needs! Aaron will help you, no matter your needs!
Bradley Hackett
I worked with Aaron as a physical therapy aide for about a year and a half. Aaron is highly dedicated to the field of physical therapy and to the treatment of his patients. Aaron always makes the effort to enact an effective treatment and to make it as enjoyable as possible for every patient he treats. He takes the time to really get to know people as well as their injury. Aaron always acts in a professional and ethical manner in his dealings with patients, associates, or anyone else he comes in contact with. I have no reservations in recommending Aaron to friends, family or anyone else in need of treatment.
Craig Miller
Aaron is awesome. I was in a lot of pain due to a injury sustained while boxing. He came to my house for a evaluation and everything he did to help me during that visit helped! I would recommend Aaron to anyone and will!!
Erin Mellas
Arron is a man of great integrity and sincere concern for the wellness of others. I highly recommend him.
Christopher M. Jones


Lifetime, the Time to Live, Immortality

The word “Aevitas” is Greek and has varied meanings, but basically it implies “over a lifetime”. It was chosen as the company name as a clarion call to all that see it that we are here for you over a lifetime. It is our desire to empower you or your company with health and wellness throughout your lifetime. We may not be able to give immortality, but we offer the next best thing… AEVITAS.

The mission of AEVITAS is to empower its clients, patients and the community it serves by improving their health, function and quality of life through providing superior personalized therapy and wellness care.