A new journey has begun. One that will change lives where ever the journey goes. This more than a journey, it is a quest! There may not be a fountain of youth or a magic pill, but there is AEVITAS.

The time through which we live is greatly influenced by how we treat our selves. Wellness is more than just taking some vitamins or taking the stairs when you think about it. Wellness is a way of living, and it the mission of AEVITAS to help you create that way of living.

As a leader in Physical Therapy and wellness services, AEVITAS is just what you need to get well and stay well throughout your life. As our tagline states; Prevent, correct, prevail; we will be offering all the tools you need to assist in preventing illness and injury; correcting injuries, functional problems and pain; and giving you the edge you need to prevail in all that you do to improve your health and fitness.

Please stay tuned, keep in touch and move forward. This journey is for you!