Finding motivation to exercise can be difficult! Even for those that know of its benefits; I think the guilt can actually be worse when you know you should and you don’t. I admit, that is how it is for me. May I make a suggestion?

Get your kids involved with you!

I am going to admit a few other things . . . I use exercise videos, I workout in my unfinished basement and my motivation often is lacking. Typically when I would go to the basement to workout it was time spent alone. I could do my thing and get on with my day. Then my boys started asking if they could come down with me. All they did was play with the junk in the basement. Then one day they asked if they could try lifting one weight, or to do a push-up. Now it has exploded into them asking “Daddy, when can we do the push-up video?” or “when can we race to the mail box?”. Even making up their own exercise “videos” full of kid invented exercises. If you kids are anything like mine. They are relentless. They don’t forget!

So, eventually I give in, either to actually workout or just to do what they want so they can move on. Either way, we end up working out together. My workouts are not quite as intense and I have to keep them from tripping over each other and the weights, but it is motivation and we all benefit and spend some time together. It also gives me a chance to teach them by example and principle the importance of staying healthy.

The nice thing is how easy it was to get the kids involved. It only took a small amount of encouragement from us (parents). Every once in a while we would talk about our workouts in front of the kids. We even had them “flex” in the mirror after brushing their teeth. So now they want “muscles like Daddy”. (Which they will likely have by about the age of 12).

If you need inspiration, try getting your kids on board with you. A little sweat, a little positive reinforcement, and a great deal of love. It is something that could benefit all of you for a long time to come.