Top 3 Health Related Reasons for Low Productivity (and what to do about it)

Does Your Company Suffer From Low Productivity? Look no further than the health of your employees for some help Any

To Sit, Or Not To Sit? (or, what about my aching back?)

Now That Is The Question . . . Having now transitioned out of a majority of my clinical work I find myself spending

7 Tips to Better Employee Wellness Education

Trying to engage employees to your corporate wellness programs can often be a difficult endeavor.  "If you build it they will come" certainly does

Down Dog Yoga App: Great Wellness Resource

There has to be something that I really like about a service to get me to write a blog with no

Mining Your Own Corporate Wellness Data: You can do it!

DATA. A four letter word.  I used to think it was one of THOSE four letter words.  You know the $*#% kind.  As

The Corporate Bio-Bandwagon

Beating the Biometric dead horse or getting in the Biomechanical buggy When I was in graduate school my anatomy professor, Dr. Moncur, had several taglines

Utah Workers Freeze

No, Utah's great work force is not on strike. However, for several months of every year labors and workers face freezing temps throughout the state.

What I Learned From Crossfit

There are many things you just can’t fully understand until you experience them for yourself. For example: fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, making first tracks

Runner’s Knee Run Down

PFPS: Sounds like a Governmental Form... PFPS is an acronym in the sports medicine world for Patellofemoral Pain Sysdrome. This is more a category of

Will Stretching Reduce Injury?

An article talking about this very thing was released on the Wall Street Journal online this week and it perked my interest. If you want

K2 Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain: Book Review

Come on, who wouldn’t want to read a book with “life and death” in the title? Guaranteed action and adventure! However, I was not expecting

Core Advantage: Reviewed

In talking with a potential client, he had some questions about core stability in his cycling. He also mentioned that he had recently purchased a