Employee Injury Prevention and Safety Services

Are Employee injuries getting out of hand at your company?

Would you like to increase productivity and employee satisfaction at the same time?

How about reducing the cost of employee health benefits and sick days?

We help Utah companies save money by reducing costs associated with employee injuries.  Whether from workplace injuries and workers’ compensation costs; or chronic discomfort from the office setting.  With our extensive knowledge and experience with employee injury and health problems we can prevent many of these injuries and help you find significant savings.

Get a real health care professional on your side.

Sample of Corporate Services

Examples of the Costs of An Injured Employee

  • $38,000 average cost to a company due to an employee with a back injury (Bureau of Labor 2015)
  • 2-5 Back injuries per year (on average) for every 100 employees per company nationally (Bureau of Labor 2015)
  • Productivity drops an average of 25% when an employee works with a headache (Nat. Headache Foundation 2009)
  • $20 billion a year is lost by US companies due to headache from direct medical cost and lowered productivity (Nat. Headache Foundation 2009)
  • 3 of the top 5 reasons for missed work are injury related – Neck, Back and Shoulder pain (and very preventable

Let us help your company save that money

Aevitas Corporate Services offers solutions that reduce employee injury and pain.   Using methods proven effective for over 30 years, we identify the reasons your employees are in pain.  We then provide comprehensive bio-mechanical screening and education services onsite.  Immediate solutions and options tailored to your needs. No waiting 6 months to a year for study results, tests and ineffective programs.

Let us help your company get moving and stay moving.

As a company built by physical therapists we are movement experts.  Physical therapists are the best professionals to help you save money due to injured and aching employees.


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  • Salt Lake County Aging Services
  • Lifetime Fitness South Jordan Cycle Club
  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Work Activity Center (for adults with disabilities)
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