Please Note:

We currently do not offer traditional “clinic” based physical therapy services.  The owner is available for one-on-one personalized care.  Please contact Aaron directly to set-up an evaluation.  These services are cash based.  No insurances will be billed for you.  The address listed is not a clinic location.  Thanks.  Please let us know if you have questions.


Prevention Services

  • Life On The Run – Evaluation and Injury Prevention Program
  • BAC – Back and Core Injury Prevention Programs specific to your needs
  • Youth ACL injury prevention
  • Youth Physical Literacy

Correction Services

Personalized Physical Therapy for common injuries and conditions

  • Sport Specific Physical Therapy
  • Running Injuries
  • Cycling Injuries

Pediatric Consultations

  • Wry Neck (Torticollis) Screen and Treatment Programs
  • Plegiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome) Screen and Treatment Programs

Prevail Services

  • For those looking for an edge to how they are already performing.
  • Personalized wellness services such as weight loss, physical performance, health coaching and more.
Physical Therapy Pricing