Evaluation and Treatments

  • Initial Evaluation And Assessment (“First Visit”) $90

    Including evaluating your flexibility, strength, balance or other physical areas as needed. Approx 1 hour.

  • Treatment Follow-ups $80

    Continued treatment visits as discussed and planned at initial evaluation. Approximately 50 min.

  • Pediatric “Flat Head” Evaluation $90

    (Plegiocephaly and torticollis) An evaluation of the infants head shape and neck flexibility. Will be given treatment plan and goals. Approximately 1 hour.

  • Pediatric “Flat Head” Follow-up $50

    Check for head shape changes, neck flexibility and other issues found at initial check. Give guidance for continues treatment. Approximately 30 min.

Prevention and Wellness Services

  • Performance Check-Up $100

    Whole body check up to identify areas of weakness and imbalance. Will vary based on activity that you participate in or will participate in. Approximately 60-70 min.

  • Performance or Weight-loss Follow-up $50

    Follow-up on goals and progress from initial visit. Approximately 30 min.

  • Initial Weight-loss Consultation TBD

    Evaluation of current situation, level of fitness and barriers to weight control. Discussion of expectations and establishment of personalized program. Approximately 70 min.

Endurance Sport

  • Life On The Run Evaluation $120

    Form evaluation and strength/balance assessments specific to the sport of running. Approximately 1 hour.

  • Ride the Bike Evaluation $120

    Form evaluation on bike and strength, flexibility, etc. specific to cycling. Be prepared to bring your bike!

Dynamic Sport

  • Sport Specific $120 p / hour

    Please email or call if you have specific issues or concerns with your sport no matter what it is. Some examples: rockclimbing, parkour, freerunning, skiing, crossfit, etc.

  • ACL Prevention Assessment $120

    Assess leg strength, balance and coordination and look for risks signs of possible injury and weakness. Perfect for pre-season: soccer, skiing, basketball, football, lacrosse, etc.

All payment is due at the time of service for physical therapy services.  Forms of acceptable payment are cash or credit card. We also accept health saving account (HSA) payment cards.  An itemized invoice can be provided upon request that you can use to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  We cannot guarantee that your insurance will reimburse you.  Please make sure to check with your health plan before hand if you want to do that.

At this time, we are unable to bill your insurance company due to the high cost of doing so.  Health Insurance contracts not only require reduced rate agreements, they also require a significant amount of work creating claims, filing claims, following claims, submitting clinical information and various other types of additional work.  This is time that could be better spent with you.  We want you to be in charge of your health and wellness.  We work hard to limit the amount of care you need.  Getting results with a few visits for an honest price serves you much better than several repetitive visits that end up costing more overtime (deductible, copay and coinsurance).  Due to the high demand health insurance places on traditional clinics, they are forced to see more patients in a day and more visits per patient to increase revenue and pay for additional claims staff.  This was not the type of care we wanted to provide to you or your family.