Strong Foundations: Cyclists, Triathletes and Runners Core Exercise Program (PDF)


Core and Trunk Workout Just for Endurance Athletes

A Series of specific exercises for cyclists, runners and other athletes to improve core and trunk strength, stability, endurance and mobility.  You are only as strong as your foundation!

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Product Description

This downloadable eBooklet features a series of specific strengthening, stabilizing and mobility exercises hand-picked for cyclists and runners to improve core strength, control and endurance.  The entire program was developed, written and created by a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in response to his own struggles with pain and difficulty while trying to push the limits of endurance in his own training.  Exercises included are ones he would only do himself.  No sit-ups or crunches or here:

  • 18 specialized exercises perfect for cyclists and runners
  • Guidance on repetitions and frequency
  • Ideas on how to progress the exercises to avoid plateau
  • Exercises can easily be done at home, work or while away
  • Exercises to target all areas of your core: chest, back, abdominal, hips and combinations
  • No specialized equipment required
  • Will challenge even seasoned athletes
  • Beneficial for other sports or activities
  • Color pictures
  • 8 pages (8.5″x 11″ format)
  • Take it with you anywhere, downloadable PDF compatible with most any electronic device.
  • Free Bonus: contact information direct to the developer and author, Dr Hackett, DPT.  You can contact him directly at no additional cost if there are questions about the program (savings of $100 p/hour!)



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